- Hello.  we distribute a new'ThanksbotTV (Thanksbot Trading View)' program for a wide range of automatic sales.

 - ThanksBotTV is a program that helps many users who use TradingView to automatically trade using TradingView.

 - ThanksBotTV is free software.(It can be used free of charge when registering as an exchange recommender.)

 - Supported exchanges are Bitmax and Bybit.


[Basic Concepts of Thanks Bot TV-Principle of automatic/semi-automatic trading using trading view alert function]


[Basic concept]



[Instructions for use]


Alert as set in trading view (signal alarm)

Set it up in the column of the box.

Ⓐ The description of the box.

- Coin : Coin Symbol select 

- Progress : Ignore the message if it is the same as the previous position                  

      ex:) If the previous position is long, the new signal from ThanksBotTV will be passed when the same long signal as before.


- Enter after order and position clearnin : When entering a new position, if there is a holding position, 

                                                        it is entered after liquidation.

- Position entry : Setting, quantity and side when entering a new signal

- Stoploss : This option is StopLoss. Used when using Stoploss

- Partial Profit : Used when using Partial Profit 

- Other Message : etc message


ⓑ The description of the box.

Web Hook Url Address : Copy this address and paste it into TradingView webhook address

ⓒ The description of the box.

TradingView Message : Copy and paste it into TradingView Alert Message

tradingview alert webhook


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